Port X

A modular, design-centric home and event space currently floating on the banks of Prague's Vltava River


On the banks of the Prague’s Vltava River lies one of Europe’s most inventive housing concepts. Designed by architects Jerry Koza and Adam Jirkal, along with engineer Tomáš Kalhaus from Atelier SAD, the modular, floating house dubbed Port X was first created as the prototype for a serial production.

Port X—designed to be freely moved, added to, reduced and reproduced—is quite a stunning sight, sitting on the water’s edge. The structure consists of two key parts: the pontoon (where the technical guts of the shelter are hidden) and the residential module, which can be reached from shore via an elegant footbridge. “It floats on water. It stands on the ground. It’s a house, it’s a houseboat, it’s an original piece of technological design combining wood, laminate and curves,” say project leads Lukáš and Hanka Otevřelovi. “It is a harbor of thoughts for a free life.”


The building is made up of segments in the shape of a C, which are made of composite sandwich materials used for traditionally for building boats. From the entrance on the shore, Port X is fairly closed off, providing privacy from the landward side. However the side facing the water opens up completely, forming a continuous terrace. The elementary concept allows for the addition of modules to expand space for the individual needs of its occupants. Port X can not only be used for living on the water, but can be placed anywhere on land, even hard-to-access mountainous areas.


To date, the brand has released just the one prototype, which is currently being tested in Prague. It’s already been used for a variety of events, including various art and design exhibitions. But now, in collaboration with architects, the Port X team is working on optimizing the building system to use it as a universal precast component that can be easily adapted. Modular construction means the easy creation of different sized models for residential and commercial use. Keep an eye on Port X online for updates.

Images courtesy of Atelier SAD