Rose Cabat Ceramics


We paid a visit to Mitch Greenblatt, an artist/designer/watch collector yesterday to film him for an upcoming CH Video episode. While there he turned us on to his collection of Rose Cabat ceramics.

Now in her nineties, Rose continues to make the small "feelies" she has become internationally known for since pioneering the style with her husband Erni in the 1960s. They are called feelies because of the unique texture of the glaze that she created and has used ever since; holding one of these small vessels feels a bit like holding a fuzzy peach.

Rose is able to coax colorful shades of yellow, green, purple and pink from her glazing, and paired with her small and sensual shapes with thin necks make her work highly collectible and well esteemed—the MoMA and other museums and collectors are among those who have feelies in their collections. Deals can be found, but her larger pieces can easily run several thousand dollars. New and vintage pieces are also available on her site.

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