Rosendahl Ice Scraper


It's about 18˚ Farenheit (-8˚ Celsius) in New York today—those of us who live in areas with cold temperatures, snow and ice storms know how delicate and ineffective most scraper/brushes are. Made of stainless steel and synthetics, the Rosendahl Ice Scraper is designed to remove anything from dew to a layer of hard ice. There is a soft edge for fogged up and frosty windows and a hard synthetic side for ice. Designed by Erik Bagger in cooperation with physical therapists, it grips well and is ergonomically designed to prevent strain on the hand, arm or shoulder. The smart engineering makes the brute strength that usually breaks most other scrapers unnecessary. And it doesn't hurt that it's much better looking than other conventional ice scrapers.

It is available from Yanko Design for $29.