Aaron Hobson Holiday Cards

Have a bleak holiday with the dark humor of these photo greetings


An exhausted, pajama-clad shopper sprawled on a snow-covered lake may seem like an exaggeration, but it’s arguably not far off on the lengths many go to during the holiday frenzy that seems to begin a bit earlier each year. This card, along with one boasting a soon-to-be holiday dinner turkey come from cinema-scapist photographer Aaron Hobson, whose dark and complex works have caught our attention before.

This is dark holiday humor at is best, taking on a slightly cynical attitude during an otherwise saccharine time of year. To order, use the online form courtesy of the 7444 Gallery, which has put the whole thing together.


The cards sell for $10 each, but for an additional $5 they’ll include a personalized message with hand calligraphy from graphic artist Gail Brill. They’re taking orders now, but you’ll will have to hurry if you want it to get out in time.