Uncooked eCards

Greeting cards that say what you're really thinking

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Writing “happy birthday” on someone’s Facebook wall, along with hundreds of their other closest pals, doesn’t really say much in the way of friendship. If you are one of those amazingly thoughtful types and have time to go out, buy a card, and mail it in advance, well, kudos to you. For those looking for a happy medium, though, there is the magical bounty of high quality animated cards from Uncooked Inc.

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Self described as “like ecards, but from the future,” these animated cards pack a punch of wit and idiosyncratic humor that makes us all feel a little more normal. Taking classic themes like birthdays, thank yous, and holidays, and throwing in insecurity-provoking body parts, cloning machines, and stalkers, it suddenly becomes okay to share your snarkily-worded personal oddities with the world.

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Available at various stores around the world or online, real-life cards are $3.25 (plus envelope) and ecards are 99 cents each. Uncooked is now offering a year-long membership to their animated cards collection for $9 a year, granting unlimited access to as many ecards as you’d like. Considering the number of holidays in a year, the membership pays for itself pretty quickly and the combination of sharp-tongued wit with adorably simple cartoons will brighten your day and someone else’s.