Samin Nosrat And Hrishikesh Hirway’s New Podcast, “Home Cooking”

Culinary tips, tales and tomfoolery from the experts

As many of us spend more time thinking about food, talking about food and cooking, we may discover that we don’t have deep skills or fully stocked pantries. Home Cooking, a timely new podcast, launches today and responds to listeners’ questions about what they can create using what they have in their kitchens. Chef and author Samin Nosrat (creator of Salt Fat Acid Heat) along with …

Finnish Nightmares: An Irreverent Guide to Life’s Awkward Moments

Author Karoliina Korhonen's humorous, illustrated depiction of the Nordic nation's residents

A true work of genius can be found when something seemingly specific—say, Finnish introvert stereotypes—appeals to a much broader wedge of humanity. Finnish graphic designer Karoliina Korhonen captures this societal lightning bolt within the pages of her humorous, illustrated guidebook Finnish Nightmares: An Irreverent Guide to Life’s Awkward Moments. Through simple art and sharp writing, Korhonen makes every page a pleasure. An extension of her …

The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons

Packed with nearly 100 years of New Yorker cartoons, The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons: A Semi-Serious A-to-Z Archive is a two-volume collection of thousands of the wittiest, most cutting and relatable blips of social commentary. Organized by long-tenured editor Bob Mankoff, this encyclopedia is less an index than it is insightful commentary on the past 20 years of life in the Western world.