Izo Cleanze


Delivering specially formulated juices to doorsteps nationwide daily, Izo Cleanze's program makes it easier to undergo the purifying gauntlet of a juice fast. To start the decade off right and to do a little post-merrymaking damage control, one of their three- or five-day cleanses comes highly recommended.

While debates over the health benefits continue, my recent experience trying a five-day Izo Cleanze convinced me that giving your digestive system a break and resetting your relationship to food always helps in a world that's so off track when it comes to eating. In the couple months since completing the fast, I joined a gym that I still go to regularly, eat better all around and have put my foot down to fellow cleanser and CH contributor Seth's weekly burger club. (I'm now more of a burger-per-month kind of girl.)

Even if re-examining your diet is all you're after, it's hard to deny that the fresh juices don't have some positive effect on health. The list of what Izo Cleanze's juices offer runs long, from iron-rich parsley to Ho Sho Wu's kidney-cleaning promises of longevity. Focusing on detoxing major organs, the daily schedule starts with ionized Anu water and continues by alternating between more substantive veggie- and nut-rich juices, master cleanse lemonade and teas packed with health-boosting ingredients, like Reishi mushrooms that benefit the immune system.

The juice lineup creates a manageable blood sugar ebb and flow throughout the day. In fact, thanks in part I'm sure to an already slow metabolism, I had no issues with hunger or cravings. I did look forward to and enjoy the more substantive drinks, in particular the Juice Red, a sweet, ginger-tinged beverage made with beets, carrots, apples, celery and other veggies. But, for me, the bigger challenge was staying on schedule to drink all 12 pints daily, an issue compounded by trying to receive timely packages in a building without a buzzer.

I also experienced a few New York moments when hauling a juice-filled cooler to a conference or exchanging words with a barkeep who didn't appreciate me bringing my juice along to shoot pool. But, minor inconveniences aside, midway through the cleanse, I started to feel the lightness that most report, along with clearer skin and a little weight loss. By the end, as much as I was a little tired of drinking juice, I didn't want to give up the differences I experienced, which inspired me to make the shifts in diet and exercise that I'm still keeping up.

I also hope to incorporate regular cleanses at least yearly and, while I don't shrug off the expense and carbon footprint, the infrequent indulgence makes a healthful investment in yourself. Until my dream of government-funded gyms with juice bars comes true, Izo Cleanze helps busy people who want healthier lives make it happen.

A three-day fast starts at $450 and five days runs $750, both available from Izo Cleanze.