Bruce Reads


In Spanish, the word 'lee' is the third person conjugated form of the verb 'to read'. This witty pop culture double meaning is from Frank Lourenço, an extravagant t-shirt designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The other shirts displayed on the site are just as quirky, funny, and some out right bizarre. A combination that rightly reflects his rather fantastically questionable life. Unfortunately, these shirts are currently only available in Buenos Aires.

UPDATE: If you really just have to have it, shoot the people over at Frank Lourenço an email and they'll give you a set of instructions to have it sent to you in the U.S. I must warn you though, it's a bit of snail mail acrobatics. But hey, you'll get your shirt though. $25 for one shirt. $45 for two. And $70 for three.