Ivana Helsinki


Ninety percent of the time, you can pick a Scandinavian brand from a metric mile away, which is not necessarily a bad thing considering that they have such a refined, clean approach to thinking about clothes. Ivana Helsinki, however, is not someone you can define easily. Her clothes may be elegant, but there's also a dark thread running through them that flirts with some eerie, disco retro fitted theme. Add to this the indulgent, textural fabrics that wrap the body in every imaginable manner, from empire lines to drop waist to bubble, swing, micro hems and you have a robust line to suit all tastes.

The only trends in sight are the ones that slipped in with the rest of her gauntlet of design choices. Ultimately, with a 54 piece line, there are several hit and miss items. But as a whole, the skirts are flattering and quirky, the shirts functionally pretty and the dresses highly wearable ice breaker kind of items.