Longchamp ANDAM Bags


Celebrating 20 years of ANDAM (Association Nationale pour le Développement des Arts de la Mode), Longchamp tasked fashion designers Bless, Jeremy Scott and Charles Anastase (all past winners of the covered ANDAM endowment) with interpreting their Le Pliage bag. We particularly love Bless' clever take on the classic, taking the foldable design and re-engineering it so that the handle can fold inside itself and be worn as a bracelet ($495, pictured above).


Trickster Jeremy Scott emblazons his bag ($345) with his own likeness as a "nouveau samurai."


Charles Anastase's decidedly romantic version ($260) adorns a white bag with text and line drawings of ether ballet slippers or Persian cats.

The limited edition bags will debut in Longchamp stores on 1 October 2009.