Schambra Bags


The dedicated craftsmanship of Schambra bags embodies the phrase "beauty is in the details." (See detailed images here.)We discovered these instant classics at the First Exposure show in London a few weeks ago. The care and attention paid to the form and function of these work and travel bags by the designer Kirsten Schambra Stevens was immediately obvious as she showed us each one inside and out. With pale soft leather that will wear beautifully with age, richly-colored satin lining, practical sizes, useful pockets, small fastenings, and the subtle embossed message that reads “Crafted to Love you Back,†we very much like Schambra's design ethic of making things to love and to last. Kirsten says these are "beautiful products made for a reason, to be enjoyed over time rather than just a seasonal basis."


Kirsten is a contemporary American designer who clearly delights in the traditions of old school European craftsmanship. Based out of Amsterdam, she sources all her materials from Italy and the production takes place in a small family-run workshop in Poland. She says her approach is "intended to create pieces with timeless style for everyday use, made from the finest quality materials that age and mellow with wear." Each design is a limited run; they make a maximum of 20 per bag and every bag is stamped with an individual series number. By signing up to Schambra's mailing list you can be among the first to see each new design emerge. Look out for a new color in August. We think the combination of modern sleek designs with traditional production values puts Schambra bags above the rest.