Sea Bags and Woolrich

Recycled sails from Maine fused with Pennsylvania wool in a line of new bags


Since its start in 2005, Sea Bags has spawned a number of imitations, but unlike its competitors Sea Bags still uses only retired sails for its durable, handmade totes and accessories.

Now the Portland, Maine-based brand has partnered with fellow East Coast company, Woolrich, marrying its weathered nylon with the Pennsylvania heritage brand’s venerable wools to create a small collection of large tote bags, dopp kits and iPad cases in three plaid variations (Forest, Harvest and Lodge). Totes come in various combinations of wool bodies with sail interiors and sail shells lined with wool, as well as a few styles comprising nylon blocked with leather on the outside and Woolrich plaid on the inside. Like the repurposed sails, the Woolrich fabric and leather come from dead stock supply procured by Sea Bags, so it’s a limited edition in the truest sense—when they run out of scraps, the line is finished.

SBW-Lodge-Trio.jpg SBW-Forest-Tote.jpg

Fans of the rugged, authentic prep look get an amped up fix from this particular mix of materials, not to mention reinforced quality from two brands based on durability and craftsmanship. The Woolrich and Sea Bags collaboration will be available 24 September in Sea Bags stores and online, with prices ranging from $40 for the travel kits and $69 for the iPad cases to $225-$275 for the 14″x18″ large totes.