São Paulo Fashion Week: Summer 2008 Highlights


Yesterday was the start of the current São Paulo Fashion Week, which got off to a strong start but is quickly building an exciting feeling of anticipation for what's to come in the next few days before the event ends on Tuesday. A few trends are already apparent for the summer 2008 collection (or winter 2008 in the Northern Hemisphere): small, strapless dresses; lots of neon (the '80s won't die); womenswear with a masculine twist; high-waisted skirts, dresses and pants; and black, black, black. Here's a round-up of some of the highlights from yesterday's shows, with an overall look to follow next week.

Fause Haten
In an irreverent twist, Haten took inspiration from the world of clowns—it was seen in the many oversized, layered ruffs adorning his collection with cropped tops underneath. The look is so elegant and chic it loses its associations as just a silly costume accessory.


Alexandre Herchcovitch (womenswear)
Herchcovitch is one of Brazil's most successful fashion exports, and he makes his mark by riding the alternative side of design.


For instance, his models wore men's dress shoes turned into stilettos with slightly upturned toes and other similar variations. (In homage to Ami's post earlier this year reporting on his previous collection, I also took a quick photo or two of the shoes backstage before they were put away.) The clothes themselves—like men's suits turned feminine with long, narrow lapels—were highly tomboyish but smacked of raw sensuality. (Pictured above right.)

Forum Tufi Duek
Ahoy, sailor! The traditional nautical colors of blue, red and white took starring roles in Tufi Duek's Forum collection. (Pictured left.) So did high-waisted pants and floor-touching dresses that emphasized the curves of the female figure. Duek also used bold colors, even with usually bland white, to draw attention to his trademark flattering cuts.