Trash & Diamond, Beijing

The city's first real second-hand store opens a new location in Wudaokou to the delight of treasure-seekers

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Last spring, Fang Fang (who studied graphic design and advertising before working as an Art Director for brands including Apple China and Mini) left her prestigious job and partnered with her friend Lin to open the first real second-hand store in Beijing: Trash & Diamond. Fang Fang’s love for old things comes from her childhood. She grew up in Austria and when she was just six years old, she would spend weekends exploring Vienna’s flea markets with her father; hunting for little treasures from the past.

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Trash & Diamond’s small space is located in the growing art district of the capital city. Fang Fang’s husband Cao Pu (himself a designer) helped ideate and execute the concept of using recycled and upcycled materials in every detail of the interior. They built the accessories stands using pressed cardboard sheets from recovered old boxes, and they created a ceiling of DIY chandeliers made from more than 400 discarded glass bottles.

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Distancing itself from the overpriced more traditional vintage shops of Gulou, Trash & Diamond focuses on high-end pieces at reasonable prices. The first attire on offer was a selection of clothing Fang Fang had been collecting for years, and the shop is already attracting a growing community of second-hand hunters, looking for “diamonds” to bring a unique touch of elegance and creativity to their wardrobe.


Performance dresses, garments from fashion shows, rock T-shirts and never-before-seen pieces are among the jewels that can be found at T&D. Plus, the shop is the only place in Beijing where you can trade in your old clothing, either for cash-in-hand or a swap for something different.

Trash & Diamond will be opening a second store in the university area of Wudaokou (located at 21 Dongsheng Lu) on 16 March. The original store is at 2-30, 22 Art Street, Pingod North, 32 Baiziwan Lu.

Images courtesy of Trash & Diamond