NASA Enlisted Artists to Envision the Future

In 1975, NASA began to conceptualize living conditions in space—hiring freelance illustrator Rick Guidice to bring the ideas to life. The resulting works actively shaped the public perception of life off Earth, and do so to this day. Guidice’s illustrations influenced synth-drenched soundscapes, runway shows and popular film—all while being quite literal guides for NASA’s potential population relocation plans (which could house nearly one million people). …

Lunchtime Photos of Everyday Citizens During the ’70s

Throughout the late ‘70s, photographer Charles H Traub traveled around Chicago, New York City and several European cities to capture everyday citizens during lunch time. His impromptu shots show his subjects—all dressed in the charismatic outfits of the time—as they pose for the camera—some clearly a bit perplexed by the situation. Click through to see more from the photo series, titled “Lunch Time.”

Horological Machine No. 5

MB&F releases a futuristic wristwatch inspired by 1970s muscle cars

With a low, sleek silhouette reminiscent of a Hot Rod’s hood scoop, MB&F‘s newest sculptural masterpiece, the Horological Machine No. 5, launches today. The ’70s-inspired HM5 conjures the era’s fascination with super cars, sporting a slender and aerodynamic body easily read without taking one’s hands off the wheel—the precision crafted timepiece comes complete with a chassis, aerodynamic body and rear flaps akin to those on …