Horological Machine No. 5

MB&F releases a futuristic wristwatch inspired by 1970s muscle cars


With a low, sleek silhouette reminiscent of a Hot Rod’s hood scoop, MB&F‘s newest sculptural masterpiece, the Horological Machine No. 5, launches today. The ’70s-inspired HM5 conjures the era’s fascination with super cars, sporting a slender and aerodynamic body easily read without taking one’s hands off the wheel—the precision crafted timepiece comes complete with a chassis, aerodynamic body and rear flaps akin to those on the 1970 Mustang, and tells time on a dashboard.


Characteristic to MB&F, the HM5 stands out for its superior horological design and craftsmanship. Like all of their pieces, the design of the form challenges their watchmakers to create custom movements. Despite its nostalgic inspiration the aesthetic of the HM5 is futuristic, and MB&F continues to innovate with this model by using an optical-grade sapphire reflective prism to bend an image of the numerical dials 90 degrees to view on a vertical display.

HM5-3.jpg HM5_4.jpg

For a more in-depth look at the HM5 visit MB&F online. Also on CH see Horological Machine No. 2 and No. 3.

Images courtesy of MB&F