Garden Party Planter

Hand-thrown and hand-painted by Brooklyn-based ceramicist Eleni Kontos, the Garden Party Planter features three flowers around the pot and two almost-embracing snakes around the drainage tray. A speckled exterior with a few pops of color create an earthy and textured design.

Studio Visit: Floral Artist Chloe Berlin

Found objects, dead flowers, wire and more form contemplative arrangements

Within the art of floral arranging there’s traditional Japanese Ikebana, classic fresh and blooming bouquets, and then there’s Chloe Berlin, a Brooklyn-based artist whose work stretches from mini arrangements to large-scale sculptures and floral wall installations that sometimes don’t include any live flowers at all. Her studio—which employs dried and fresh flowers, branches, found objects, wire and string—is equal parts natural and urban, chaotic and …

Flower Shop Collective Fosters Community For Artists of Color

An "artists for artists" space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

An intimate, sun-drenched studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is the workplace and gathering site for established and up-and-coming artists. It is here, in Flower Shop Collective (FSC), that like-minded and diverse creatives brainstorm ideas, swap skills and discuss ways to decolonize the industry while making use of the multitude of tools offered in the space: for metalworking, sculpting, mold-making, woodworking and more. Founded by Nadia Tahoun …