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“Place for Continuous Eye Contact,” the Bobby Anspach Memorial Exhibition, Transports Visitors

Imaginative machines create powerfully intimate experiences with lights, colors and other people

Inside the Brooklyn studio of the late artist Bobby Anspach, four multi-sensory, immersive art machines open pathways to wondrously psychedelic worlds—sometimes bringing the entire universe into your own eye, sometimes requesting that you sustain an intimate connection, amidst a blanket of rainbow orbs, for a few seconds longer. Entitled “Place for Continuous Eye Contact,” the astonishing exhibit celebrates the life of the Beacon, New York-based artist, who passed July 2022. And what a celebration it is—of human connectedness, consciousness and creativity.

Three of Anspach’s machines set visitors onto individual journeys, each roughly four-minutes long, complete with an emotional soundscape. The fourth machine, however, requires that two people sit opposite one another, with uninterrupted eye contact, for the duration of a kaleidoscopic intervention. Everything is a highlight, designed to bridge the participant with the depths of our world. An eye patch is provided for all of the experiences, to hone concentration.

Place for Continuous Eye Contact is open to the public, by appointment, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday now through 15 October. In addition to Anspach’s sculptural experiences, the exhibition will also incorporate thoughtful programming during its run.

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