Fragrance Brand Fueguia 1833 Founder Julian Bedel on the Inspiring Science Behind Scent

From its Argentinian inception to its dedicated Milan laboratories, limited edition and sustainably minded molecular poetry

Fueguia 1833 is no ordinary fragrance producer and is far removed from the licensed luxury brands that overwhelm the perfume and cologne markets. The vision of artist and scientist Julian Bedel, and founded in Argentina circa 2010, Fueguia’s limited edition unisex personal scents utilize only natural and entirely biodegradable ingredients, all free from preservatives and dyes. Fueguia’s new line of homeware items—four beeswax candles, wooden …

Best of CH 2020: Travel

From boutique hotels in Denver, Santa Monica and the Catskills to wineries in Mexico, an island off Brittany and more

Borders locked down; shelter-in-place directives cascaded across cities, counties, countries and continents. If this were any other year, our team of full-time staff and contributors would have traversed the globe in search of inspiration and stories that come from diverse, immersive experiences. And although this year began that way, it settled into routines at home and daydreams of travel. By summer, we were granted safe …

Recycled Cashmere Scarf

Composed of 95% pre-consumer recycled cashmere and 5% virgin wool, Patagonia’s more environmentally friendly take on the classic scarf offers comfort and warmth. Stretching 62 inches, with a generous width of 8.5 inches, the accessory is on the larger side. It’s available in two colorways, with our preference being navy.