The Ebove Bike from Activetainment

A virtual reality-compatible indoor mountain bike trainer that blends elements from video games with training

For most adrenaline-seeking mountain-bikers, sitting on a stationary bike is less of a substitute for the real thing and more cruel and unusual punishment. But as technology aids indoor trainers in becoming more engaging, staying bike-fit throughout the dark days of winter can feel a bit less like work and more like the fun of actually getting outside. Oslo-based fitness tech company Activetainment recently unveiled …

Fern Cycling Shoes

Tracey Neuls’ Fern boot—designed exclusively for Tokyobike—features a rubber sole perfect for pedaling in, and a precautionary reflective strip down the back keeps cyclists stylishly safe while in transit, on or off the bike.

Parke Active Denim

The young startup sets out to make stretch denim jeans in NYC from fabric made in Cone Mills, North Carolina

After funding their first selvedge denim jeans with a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2013, NYC-based Parke is at it again with a more innovative idea in mind: A pair of raw denim jeans woven with one percent elastane for enough stretch to encourage and enable an active lifestyle. While the “active denim” lacks selvedge, it is made by renowned Cone Mills in North Carolina, …