The Ebove Bike from Activetainment

A virtual reality-compatible indoor mountain bike trainer that blends elements from video games with training

For most adrenaline-seeking mountain-bikers, sitting on a stationary bike is less of a substitute for the real thing and more cruel and unusual punishment. But as technology aids indoor trainers in becoming more engaging, staying bike-fit throughout the dark days of winter can feel a bit less like work and more like the fun of actually getting outside. Oslo-based fitness tech company Activetainment recently unveiled their latest solution to indoor training at CES. Ripping down a virtual trail on the Ebove bike is the closest you’ll get to the real thing without leaving the house. The bike moves up and down, as well as side-to-side, forcing riders to use core strength to navigate turns. Moveable handlebars, brakes and gears complete the riding experience while Oculus Rift compatibility is so enthralling, you might actually want to throw on a helmet.

With built-in social networking and fitness tracking, users can ride together and compete across the world. Activetainment expects the Ebove to hit the market later in 2015, with the first customers set to be gyms and fitness clubs. Keep an eye out for Activetainment’s full line-up of tech-infused workout equipment, including a treadmill and rowing machine that simulates waves and currents.

Image courtesy of Activetainment