Parke Active Denim

The young startup sets out to make stretch denim jeans in NYC from fabric made in Cone Mills, North Carolina

Parke-Denim-model.jpg Parke-Denim-stretch.jpg

After funding their first selvedge denim jeans with a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2013, NYC-based Parke is at it again with a more innovative idea in mind: A pair of raw denim jeans woven with one percent elastane for enough stretch to encourage and enable an active lifestyle. While the “active denim” lacks selvedge, it is made by renowned Cone Mills in North Carolina, so the fabric is top notch—also, all construction is done in NYC’s garment district. As for fit, the jeans have a nice, moderate slim cut—not too skinny and far from baggy.

The performance-driven stretch denim may not impress the most uncompromising denim experts, but the thought of being free to ride a bike in raw denim (a nightmarish task in most jeans) holds some serious allure. With just 29 days left in the Kickstarter, Parke has already secured funding, still getting in on the pre-order for $89 is a deal worth checking out.

Model image courtesy of Parke, studio shot by Graham Hiemstra