Word of Mouth: Chile’s Atacama Desert

Trekking from salt flats to see pink flamingoes and landscapes reminiscent of the moon

Covering more than 41,000 square miles, Chile‘s Atacama Desert stretches along the Pacific and spills across borders into Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Its innumerable splendors—rare flamingoes, mind-bending salt flats, desolate landscapes and celestial access, all high among the list—have many entry points. But none are so closely congregated as those around San Pedro de Atacama, which is set atop a volcano-speckled, arid plateau. To reach …

Fathom Founders’ New Book, “Travel Anywhere (And Avoid Being a Tourist)”

The new book acts as a manual for modern travelers

By Jeralyn Gerba and Pavia Rosati—the duo behind the popular travel website Fathom—Travel Anywhere (and Avoid Being a Tourist) is a 192-page guide to exploring places without interrupting them. Gerba and Rosati started Fathom in 2011 to make the wonderful places they’d been to or wished to visit more accessible through intimate storytelling, product tips and personal anecdotes. The culmination of all of that led …

360 V7 Adventure Kit

Made from vacuum-insulated stainless steel, Mizu water bottle is outfitted with a reusable straw and an “adventure purifier.” The latter filters 99.999% of contaminants, making it ideal for any outdoor setting. And, the 22oz capacity is convenient for longer treks and less refills.