Aquilo: Moving On

English duo Aquilo (Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher) releases a visual treatment for “Moving On,” a floating tune from their Sober EP. Filmed using a SnorriCam rig, the video tells the story of a night out that ends with the main character waking, bloodied, in a public park the next morning. “The whole concept of this EP is the four stages of a break-up, with …

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Six tracks featuring seven talented women this week

Annie: Dark Hearts 11 years after Don’t Stop, Norwegian singer-songwriter, DJ and producer Annie (aka Annie Strand) plans to release her third full-length album in October. The record’s title track, “Dark Hearts,” explores family relationships and features Annie’s familiar saccharine vocals over a dark, pulsating, ’80s-inflected beat. She says in a statement that it relates to “the ongoing question of heredity and environment… If you …

Dominic Fike: Come Here

The attention-grabbing opener to recording artist Dominic Fike’s debut album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, “Come Here” proves brief but big. Over screeching guitars, Fike’s muffled vocals and deep drums provide plenty of rock edge. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? merits a full listen; it showcases the Florida-born musician’s progress as an artist, and “Come Here” is quite the introduction.