Roman and Williams for eBay Collective

Rare, inspiring pieces selected by the award-winning design firm

In October 2016, eBay Collective launched as a destination for fine art and interior design. An e-commerce platform with rigorous guidelines and harboring one-of-a-kind objects, it grew into a resource for both consumers and designers. Celebrated design firm Roman and Williams frequented the site—and eBay as a whole—for rare and inspiring pieces. Now, they’ve taken the next step and hand-selected pieces for their own eBay …

Boo-Hooray’s Post-War, Counterculture + Pop Auction

An upcoming Sotheby’s auction full of exciting collectibles, “Boo-Hooray Presents: Post-War, Counterculture & Pop,” features all kinds of significant items from lesser-known movements and subcultures. With products from “the revolutionary May ’68 protests, New York’s early hip hop pioneers, Lower East Side Anarchists, concrete poets and even the collected fanzines surrounding the bizarre career of pop singer Scott Walker,” it’s one not to miss. We’re …

Cool Hunting Video: Hodinkee’s Ben Clymer

We talk with Ben Clymer about horological culture and some of his favorite timepieces

In our latest video as part of The Macallan Rare Cask Rare Discoveries Series, we sit down with Ben Clymer, founder and Editor in Chief of Hodinkee, the most popular online magazine about watches. An obsessive collector, the banker-turned-entrepreneur/journalist shares the source for his passion about timepieces and shows us some of the most meaningful and rare items in his collection.