Roman and Williams for eBay Collective

Rare, inspiring pieces selected by the award-winning design firm

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In October 2016, eBay Collective launched as a destination for fine art and interior design. An e-commerce platform with rigorous guidelines and harboring one-of-a-kind objects, it grew into a resource for both consumers and designers. Celebrated design firm Roman and Williams frequented the site—and eBay as a whole—for rare and inspiring pieces. Now, they’ve taken the next step and hand-selected pieces for their own eBay Collective marketplace. Their choices are a trove of beauty, stretches decades and genres but unified by value and beauty.

Known for their lavish but organized interiors, use of patterns and adherence to exemplary structure, Roman and Williams’ founders Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch handpicked pieces with various entry points of intrigue. Francois-Xavier Lalanne sheep add whimsicality. A vintage Scandinavian rug and a large vase by Just Andersen present refined design. And several sets of chairs—from a Leon Jallot Art Nouveau Chair to Alain Gaubert’s Club Chairs and Sofa, and Andre Sornay’s armchairs—demonstrate the breadth of design and its progression in time. These are pieces that either can’t be found elsewhere or would require extensive searching. And even if one isn’t interested in purchasing, it’s fascinating to scroll through the Roman and Williams picks.

You can explore Roman and William’s eBay Collective selections online.

Images courtesy of eBay Collective