Tchotchke Gallery Opens Its First Physical Location in Brooklyn

Advocating for artists lies at the heart of this new East Williamsburg gallery

In 2020, Danielle Dewar and Marlee Katz founded Tchotchke Gallery, a then-digital art platform that reacted to the parameters of the pandemic. Now, the co-founders are expanding the gallery to its first brick-and-mortar space in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Opening today with a group show entitled Homecoming (on view until 11 February), Tchotchke continues to be an artists-first gallery that represents their roster beyond their works. Further, …

Liz Lidgett Gallery and Design’s Approachable Ethos Proves “Art is for Everyone”

An Iowa-based cultural epicenter that pays artists fairly and on time, provides free art education and more

To the uninitiated, Iowa—with its abundance of corn fields and pig farms—may seem like the last place to give rise to a thrilling art scene. But, as it turns out, the Midwest’s welcoming attitude makes for an ideal hub for artists and art enthusiasts, and Des Moines’ bubbling art scene is evidence of that. At the center of this growing art community is Liz Lidgett …

GM Double Zip Up Tote Bag

Perfect for those who enjoy a little more organization, Oakland-based Good Mother Gallery’s zip-up tote bag features a double compartment for easier arranging. Made from non-fading and non-toxic heavyweight canvas, the bag measures around 14 by 13 inches and has been adorned with the Good Mother Gallery logo. The straps are also adjustable to suit all sizes.