Eight Essential Art Terms

Art lexicon is often daunting and dense. The words usually have roots in French or German, but even the simple(r) English ones are worthy of brushing up on. Learning the right terms is essential when attempting to analyze art—a builder has to have the right tools, after all. From “foreshortening” to “gestural,” Artsy has listed eight essential terms.

Ladyshark Week

Vivianne Lapointe's group show of shark-themed art

“Sharknado” may be the most recent example of America’s infatuation with the deep sea predator, but the Discovery Channel’s annual celebratory tribute—a phenomenon known as Shark Week—has actually been hitting airwaves since 1987. And now, in the wake of both, “Ladyshark Week,” a shark-inspired gallery showing in Los Angeles, rides the tide of culture’s finned obsession, all in the name of charity. The group show …

Interview: Photographer Stephen Iles

The former British music promoter discusses his experimental approach to capturing images

by Carol Huston “Photography is an experiment, but it’s the results that count.” Art rhetoric is no stranger to Stephen Iles, who divides his time between London and Manchester. A music promoter during Manchester’s media-crazed years, Iles (who studied fine art at the former Manchester Polytechnic) now directs his attention to the medium of photography. In particular, artists, art galleries and art studios provide the …