Keap + Object_ify 139 Matchbox Set

Inspired by early 20th century Japanese labels, it's small-scale functional art

Brooklyn-based studio Keap, the B Corp making affordable scented candles, is dabbling in a new candle-related side project: handmade matchboxes inspired by vintage Japanese labels from the 1920s to 1940s. Made in collaboration with Lower East Side art store Object_ify 139, each box is silk-screened with Keap art director’s Dan Abary drawings then hand-assembled. As a set, the five different matchboxes read out the very …

Copper Bike

Designed as an antidote to the piles of steel commuter bikes that line the walks and whiz through the streets of Amsterdam, Van Heesch Design’s Copper Bike—an edition limited to 10—transcends any adherence to drab utility. As copper’s natural patina sets in the bicycle shows off the structural elegance of a familiar object with the handy ability to get you from here to there.

Screw Me Screwdriver

NYC-based artist Baron von Fancy has a way with words and his latest art edition is no exception. Created for his show “You’re My Drug of Choice,” his cheeky screwdriver marries form with function and is just the tool your home is missing.