Skull Style

The recently released tome covers art, design and fashion inspired by the iconic symbol in all its morbid glory


Long lauded as a dark symbol of the occult, the skull has endured a rather fashionable resurgence in recent years. Cataloging some of the most intriguing and sometimes unnerving displays of the symbol’s use is Skull Style, a newly released visual encyclopedia of sorts on the subject as it has appeared in modern design. Covering nearly 500 pages, this massive anthology details various forms from art and interiors to avant-garde fashion and jewelry.


The first page we opened to landed on the incredible “impaled” high heel by fashion designer Kermit Tesoro—we knew then that the book would uncover even more unique iterations of the motif. Jim’s papier-mache and rope “Fashion Designers” and Scott Campbell‘s 3D “Noblesse Oblige” made entirely of cut and uncut U.S. currency.


Alongside each artist and designer featured, Skull Style provides a brief biography for context and, sometimes, up to 10 pieces of their skull-centric work. As the book flows from fashion to object design and jewelry the reader is introduced to an stunning array of works from the likes of Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Alexander McQueen.


Released earlier this month, Skull Style is now available for $91 from Amazon. For more information on Skull Style and other equally intriguing books from the new publishing house Curated Collection head to Farameh Media online.