Isles Wool Sweater

Made from 100% lambswool at a 141-year old Scottish mill, this “Isles Wool” sweater from Askov Finlayson is a timeless garment meant to stand up to the toughest cold. It’s tightly knit (less likely to fray or snags) and comes in blue, black or acorn. Purchases will also benefit Askov Finlayson’s “Give 110% Mission.”

“Vote for Winter” T-Shirt

Made in the USA from 100% cotton, this Askov Finlayson T-shirt highlights the significance of climate change with “Vote for Winter” emblazoned across the chest. The Minneapolis-based brand says, “Our winters are at risk, and we’re voting to save them”. In addition, they’re also attempting to undo their carbon footprint each year by donating their climate cost plus 10% to cutting-edge climate solutions.

Celebrate the North with Askov Finlayson for Target

Both brands unite for a limited edition winter collection

Celebrating their beloved North, Askov Finlayson and Target (both founded and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota) have teamed up for a limited edition winter collection featuring all kinds of goods to keep you warm. Available in 38 Minnesota stores and online, this collection makes perfect sense: Askov Finlayson founders Eric and Andrew Dayton’s great-great-grandfather, George Draper Dayton, founded the store which went on to become the …