Askov Finlayson + Hygge & West Wallpaper

Two cozy, Northern winter-inspired designs fit for year-round enjoyment in this new collab

Since 2008, e-commerce wallpaper (and now fabric) company Hygge & West has offered modern, whimsical designs—all wallpaper screen-printed by hand in the USA—through strong collaborations with the likes of Florida’s Rifle Paper Co, Brooklyn-based illustrator Julia Rothman, and now (somewhat unusually) men’s boutique Askov Finlayson. “Aimee Lagos [of Hygge & West] reached out to us unexpectedly, but we were already familiar with the great work of her company because we have Hygge & West on the walls of one of The Bachelor Farmer’s private dining rooms,” Eric Dayton tells CH. “I never imagined I’d be designing wallpaper, but it was such a great opportunity and too much fun to pass up.”

“I knew the collection would be coming out in February, so I wanted to draw on winter in the North for ideas, but had to make sure the designs worked year-round,” he continues. “Minnesota and the surrounding region are important parts of Askov Finlayson’s DNA, and so they were natural inspirations here, too. I thought about childhood memories of winter and tried to distill them down to one or two. What really stood out was the comfort of a roaring fire on a cold night, and then of course snow, because it’s not winter without it! The stacked firewood representation is fairly straightforward, but for snow, I specifically remembered how snowflakes looked in the headlight beams of my dad’s car as he would drive me home from hockey practice through a Minnesota blizzard. Depth of field was really critical to the idea, and I wasn’t sure if that was possible on a two-dimensional surface. But Aimee and her team came up with a brilliant solution and the printer pulled it off; I’m so happy with the result.”

If you check out Askov Finlayson’s flagship store in Minneapolis, you’ll spot their tonal white firewood wallpaper in the changing rooms and the black snow wallpaper in the bathroom. The various colored wallpaper is available online from Askov Finlayson and Hygge & West, priced at $140 per 27 in x 30 ft roll.

Images courtesy of Hygge & West