Askov Finlayson + Marvel Bar Candles

Three new cocktail-scented scents

Minneapolis favorites—retailer Askov Finlayson and its sister Marvel Barlaunched their first candle collaboration in 2014 and it’s graced the bar at CH HQ since. Inspired by the Marvel Bar’s hand-crafted cocktails, the team collaborated with an established Parisian scent company to capture the essence of each drink which then make their way to Minnesota to be blended with soy wax and made into candles.

Three new scents join the Old Fashioned, their first; Oliveto, Daiquiri (our favorite) and Dry Martini. Each scent successfully and subtly recreates its namesake without overwhelming the room. The candles come in signature Marvel Bar highball glasses along with the corresponding namesake recipe. The candle burns for about 40 hours and when it’s finished the glass can be washed and used for drinks once again.

Askov Finlayson’s Marvel Bar Cocktail Candles are $40 each and available at Askov Finlayson.

Images courtesy of Askov Finlayson