Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Mushroom computers, eggshell bricks, electricity from air and more

Creating Computers Out of Mushrooms Researchers at the Unconventional Computing Laboratory are exploring the potential to build computers out of living systems in order to create more complex machines. Current technology operates in binaries despite the fact that much of the world is more multidimensional. In comparison, computers potentially made from fungi—with its intricate, branching structure—could offer a new way of processing information. To create …

Recycling Cotton Waste By Putting It Back in the Soil

In a new creative trial, farmers in Gunnedah and Goondiwindi (towns in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia) have embedded shredded cotton bedsheets and clothing into their soil to recycle fiber waste and remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Of the 20 metric tons of waste buried in the ground, farmers discovered that for every 2.3 of them, 2.07 metric tons of carbon were avoided due …

Sovereign Land Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

From Clothing The Gaps (a hybrid social enterprise and apparel brand), this long-sleeve “Sovereign Land” T-shirt states a fact and can work as a conversation starter about invasion, sovereignty and land rights. The Melbourne/Naarm-based collective designs and prints the garment in Wurundjeri Country in an ethical manner. Made from 100% cotton, its bold colors also echo those of the Aboriginal Flag. Price is in AUD.