Sovereign Land Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

From Clothing The Gaps (a hybrid social enterprise and apparel brand), this long-sleeve “Sovereign Land” T-shirt states a fact and can work as a conversation starter about invasion, sovereignty and land rights. The Melbourne/Naarm-based collective designs and prints the garment in Wurundjeri Country in an ethical manner. Made from 100% cotton, its bold colors also echo those of the Aboriginal Flag. Price is in AUD.

The Hidden Sea and ReSea Project’s Clean Ocean Mission

Based on South Australia’s Limestone Coast, this wine company has a global vision

From cleared old-growth forests to gaping caverns caused by strip-mining, the scars of humans’ exploitative relationship with Earth are on full display across the planet—yet one insidious issue has been building for decades deep underwater. Since single-use plastics made their way into mainstream circulation in the mid-20th century, more than 100 million tons have ended up in the ocean, killing countless animals and forcing vulnerable …

Best of CH 2022: Travel

The realization of longtime dreams and magnificent returns to much-loved places

In 2022, many of us eagerly returned to travel for inspiration and education—to destinations within the US as well as countries and continents far away. After years strict precautions, many borders once again opened to tourists. Now, as we take to the road or jettison into the skies, it’s important to consider the impact travel has on the planet and to always be respectful to …