Wool Sponges

Durable, compostable and multi-purpose, these sponges (sold as a pack of two) are made from wool taken from sheep raised on a sustainable farm in Northern California. As wool is antimicrobial, the sponges do not mold, get smelly or gross. The improved, long-lasting cleaning essential comes from California-based Full Circle Wool, a brand that demonstrates the various benefits of climate-beneficial wool and donates 10% to …

Uro Pants

Crafted from a blend of linen and eucalyptus viscose, the Uro Pants from Eÿn Vas are super-comfortable for lounging around yet elevated enough to wear out of the house. Featuring a soft waistband and interior drawstring, they offer plenty of flexibility while remaining stylish, from the slightly cropped fit to the ink-like black hue with a subtle texture that obscures lint.

COS + Agnes Martin Guggenheim Capsule Collection

Twelve pieces for all genders, emboldened by the abstract minimalist's work

As one circles up the rotunda at NYC’s Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, a selection from the life’s work of artist Agnes Martin offers inspirational insight. The introductory piece from 1957 declares Martin’s devotion to abstract expressionism. This yields to decades worth of graphite grid work—punctuated from time to time with watercolor. This grid use nods to a lack of hierarchy and a desire for approachability. …