SoJamu Revives a Fading, Ancient Indonesian Drink

Resuscitating a piece of history and endangered plants through rich, herbal drinks

Throughout the islands of Indonesia, women carrying baskets of an herbal, rich, tonic-like drink called jamu travel on foot from household to household, region from region, selling their bottles until none remain. This is how it was a millennium ago, or at least how the story gets told. Now, the popularity of the brew has waned over the years but Jakarta-based company SoJamu seeks to …

Little Saints Plant Magic Mocktails Tap into the Power of Terpenes, CBD and Reishi Mushroom

These effervescent alcohol-free drinks aim to inspire

Earlier this year, Little Saints—a bold, effervescent and flavorful beverage brand that taps into terpenes, CBD and Reishi mushroom to inspire uplifting sensations—added spicy margarita and mimosa options to their roster of Plant Magic mocktails. These two additions joined their delicious debut products: a ginger mule and paloma, which do, in fact, taste similar to the mixed drinks they’re named after. Little Saints’ founder, Megan Klein, …

Manhattan Berry

Manhattan Berry is an elevated, all-natural and lightly carbonated non-alcoholic cocktail from Mocktail Club that succeeds in balancing a multitude of flavors. A first taste reveals a fruit-forward profile, with blackberry and pear shrub, that’s not overly sweet. Ginger, apple cider vinegar and tea-infused spices finish the beverage, providing warmth, depth and complexity. Price reflects a four-pack.