Golden Pineapple Organic Synergy Kombucha

GT’s Living Foods has always been one of our favorite kombucha makers. Their new Golden Pineapple flavor tastes like a burst of summer in a bottle: fresh, bright, energetic and pineapple-y with a touch of sage and lemon. Order a case of 12 from GT’s for $40 or visit for delivery options near you.

THC-Infused Sparkling Seltzer

Infused with 10mg of water soluble THC distillate, Oh Hi’s pomegranate seltzer is tangy, juicy and fruit-forward. The concoction, made from all-natural ingredients, is refreshing and low in sugar (only five grams) and can be the bubbly base for any cannabis-focused cocktail. For availability near you, refer to the brand’s product locator page.

Rosemary Grapefruit Hemp-Infused Beverage

Infused with 15mg of hemp-derived CBD, Aurora’s rosemary grapefruit-flavored elixir is soothing but ultra-subtle. It invokes a feeling of imbibing but it doesn’t inebriate or induce unsavory side effects. Piney but slightly sweet and citrusy, the beverage is delectable, effervescent and does well on its own or over ice. You’ll receive four bottles for the listed price.