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Brugal 1888

Double-aging and distilling makes for this ultra-smooth sipping rum


If how quickly our bottle of Brugal’s 1888 Ron Gran Reserva Familiar went is any indication, you’ll keep this tipple within easy access at the front of the liquor cabinet. The perfectly-balanced 1888, one of the smoothest rums we’ve tasted, is the upshot of five generations of experience in one masterful blend. Double-distilled and double-aged (first in American oak barrels followed by Spanish sherry casks), this Brugal projects a light sweetness and isn’t overbearingly smoky or spicy. The aging process brings out the rum’s full flavor without overly complicating the taste, making it an excellent sipping rum.

Topping off the elegantly beautiful bottle design, a weighty gold-toned cap lends a sense of quality that adds to the rich experience of this delicious drink. An annual limited-release rum—the label indicates the lot number and year of production—and at only $50 a bottle, the 1888 reserve is a great value for its exceptional taste. Already selling in New York, 1888 will hit stores around the U.S. beginning mid-September 2011.


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