An Oral History of House Music

After Beyoncé’s Grammys speech thanking the queer community for creating house music, NPR’s Throughline gathered quotes and anecdotes from various conversations to create a kind of oral history of the genre which began in Chicago in the late 1970s and early ’80s, thanks to Black and mostly gay DJs. The article includes significant moments for the genre: Frankie Knuckles moving to Chicago, the iconic Warehouse …

Ronald Isley + Beyoncé: Make Me Say It Again, Girl

Following the chart-topping debut of her seventh studio album, Renaissance, at the end of July, Beyoncé returns this week in a timeless duet with Ronald Isley of the legendary music group The Isley Brothers. The soulful collaboration, “Make Me Say It Again, Girl,” is a cover of an Isley Brothers’ classic from 1975, which Beyoncé infuses with her exquisite vocals.

At Home: COOL HUNTING in June

A look at art we revisited time and again over the course of the month

Oftentimes, comfort comes from repetition. Returning to art—cinema, songs, books, painted works or sculptures—can provide sanctuary for the mind. For our June At Home, we decided to share some of the art we’ve revisited this month. Though our editorial tasks involve listening to, watching and reading new work, we always attempt to find time for what we love from the past. If there’s a certain …