Woom NOW Bicycle

When it comes to bikes for kids, woom’s purpose-built designs set an impressive standard. The new NOW model for ages six to 14 features a smaller front wheel combined with an innovative, lightweight frame that lowers the front rack’s center of gravity for easier maneuverability. Plus, the eight-speed bike’s integrated front and rear lights, wide handlebars and tires, double fenders and child-sized grips add comfort.

Test Ride: Juliana Bicycles 2016 Roubion

A high performance, female-specific carbon mountain bike that doesn't condescend

For years now, certain cycling brands have tried to reach female consumers by creating dedicated lines. Some have gone so far as to develop completely new bike designs, marketing that they are more than just “pink and shrink.” But when pro-riders don’t actually use the product, it’s hard to believe in the design. Juliana Bicycles, however, knows how to make a product for women mountain …

Test Ride: 2014 Salsa Beargrease Carbon Fatbike

Nimble and certainly all-terrain, the lightweight ride featuring SRAM's XX1 drivetrain

What was once thought to be a novelty by some in the bike community, innovations in both technology and design (not to mention trail infrastructure) suggest that the fat bike is here to stay. Built off the basics of mountain bike frame geometry, a fat bike’s difference is in the wheel and tire width. Fat bikes generally have tires in the three to four inch …