Fast Tire Repairs with Patchnride

This ride-saving gadget permanently seals punctures with just the flip of a switch


If you’re turning the pedals a lot, you’re bound to get a flat. While knowing how to change your own tire is required knowledge for any dedicated cyclist, it can be a real pain—especially with high-performance racing tires. The Patchnride permanently repairs punctures in less than a minute—and without removing the wheel from the bike. A leak detector (included in the tool) aids in finding the puncture. Simply pull out any debris, pinch the tire, insert the tool and inject the loaded repair cartridge. The gap between the tire is then filled with the patch material, securing you’ll be on your way in to time—though you’ll need your own pump to get back on the road. Specially designed for high-performance tubular racing tires, Patchnride works on any tire with a tube, from a beach cruiser to a kid’s bike to a downhill mountain bike. And, at just 100 grams, the tool won’t weigh you down.

The Patchnride comes equipped with two patch pods and two leak detectors and is currently available for pre-order for just $30.

Image courtesy of Patchnride