Smart Bike Helmet

This safe and stylish helmet is also smart: outfitted with Bluetooth speakers for hands-free turn-by-turn nav, phone calls and music; and an LED light on the back to signal braking and turning. Though its primary function is protection, it also features an SOS sensor to detect falls and alert preset contacts. With a leather brim, the helmet has several detachable components for cleaning too.

Porter Helmet Bag

Available in six colors (black, navy, pink, orange, mint, or purple), Stussy’s aptly named Porter Helmet Bag is big enough to carry a bike helmet, along with a bunch more. With an interior pocket, it’s made from super-durable 100% cotton canvas. There’s also a detachable and adjustable strap, along with top handles for various carrying styles.

An Eco-Friendly Paper Bike Helmet

Brooklyn-based inventor Isis Shiffer has just taken home the prestigious International James Dyson Foundation Award (given to students with groundbreaking design proposals) for her EcoHelmet. The helmet has been constructed from radial, honeycomb designed paper making it as sturdy as the plastic helmets on the market. There’s also a biodegradable coating that protects the paper from up to three hours of light rain. But perhaps …