Manhattan Berry

Manhattan Berry is an elevated, all-natural and lightly carbonated non-alcoholic cocktail from Mocktail Club that succeeds in balancing a multitude of flavors. A first taste reveals a fruit-forward profile, with blackberry and pear shrub, that’s not overly sweet. Ginger, apple cider vinegar and tea-infused spices finish the beverage, providing warmth, depth and complexity. Price reflects a four-pack.


With 50 to 70 hours of burn time, the INCEPTION candle from Brooklyn-based candle brand yasaf, lit provides plenty of tranquil vibes. Made with palo santo and sage, the candle boasts calming and restorative attributes and is finished with notes of cypress. Featuring an eco-friendly wooden wick, this candle is vegan and cruelty-free.

A Guide to Raising Venture Capital For Black Women

According to ProjectDiane, a biennial report on Black and Latina women founders, only 93 Black women founders raised $1 million or more in venture capital in 2021, highlighting the state of entrepreneurship for them. In an attempt to boost numbers, Insider spoke with 40 Black women founders to compile a guide to navigate the daunting landscape. This resource includes how to bolster pitch decks with …