Reparations Club Tote

This durable tote bag proudly supports LA’s Reparations Club, a concept bookstore and creative hub founded and owned by Jazzi McGilbert. Available in neon yellow or black and emblazoned with the words “Black-Owned / Women-Owned,” the tote is made in the US by workers who earn a livable wage. Crafted from 100% cotton, 13-ounce bull denim, it’s big enough to carry books, groceries, records and …

Cxffeeblack’s Mission to Decolonize the Coffee Industry

An all-Black supply chain helps to reclaim the real history behind coffee

Coffee is a $430 billion dollar industry amassed off the labor of Black and Brown people. Yet, African countries—where the plant has always grown or was forced to grow due to colonialism—make almost two percent of that money cumulatively. While the industry has increasingly tried to re-think its practices, particularly where sustainability is concerned, it has yet to reconcile the history of violence, theft and …

Dive Briefs

Phlemuns is an LA-based and Black-owned fashion label by James Flemons that puts a modern spin on nostalgic style. This holds true for their Dive Brief, mid-rise, draw-string briefs crafted from stretch technical jersey that features pink and white “clouds.” Made in LA, the swimwear garment is a playful take on a classic.