Gift Guide: 420 Happens Twice a Day

From tinctures to topicals, pre-rolls, pipes, suppositories and snacks—some of our favorite cannabis products

There’s no one-size-fits-all gift when it comes to marijuana, and the industry keeps evolving to offer more and more ways to reap the benefits of the cannabis flower. So whether you smoke it, drink it or bathe in it, we have rounded up some of our favorite products from fledgling companies as well as bigger brands that have the capacity to donate some of their profits. As always, we also suggest supporting non-profits in the space—many of which diligently strive for everything from marijuana reform to providing products for veterans and people suffering terminal illness, creating professional opportunities for marginalized people, and more. Some of our favorites include the Last Prisoner Project, NORML, the Hood Incubator, Our Academy, Weed for Good and the Minority Cannabis Business Association.

Delta 8 THC Gummies

Containing hemp-derived Delta 8 THC, these gummies ($25 to $35) from Reform Wellness can promote relaxation, alleviate nausea and offer a subtle high without the anxiety or intensity that can come from Delta 9 THC. Just one of the chemical compounds within the cannabis flower, Delta 8 THC is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, so these fruit-flavored treats are available more widely. Each tin contains 15 gummies, available in blueberry or strawberry, and 5mg or 10mg options. Additionally, Reform Wellness is committed to redistribution of wealth within the cannabis industry, which manifests in part as a referral program that provides immediate payments and royalties to users. They also donate 10% of all sales to the Last Prisoner Project.

Legalize Humanity Pin

Old Pal Provisions (the retail arm of retro-tinged cannabis producer Old Pal) sells a charitable collection called Legalize Humanity. Within it there are hats, prints, T-shirts, tote bags and this red enamel pin ($7) designed to benefit Our Academy, a resource offering mentorship and educational services for those impacted by unjust drug legislation and targeted drug policing.

Black Jack Pre-Rolls

Nevada City-based, queer-owned Stone Road (whose sun-grown flowers grow on a 57-acre off-grid farm) makes high-quality cannabis products that are beautifully packaged. The brand’s pre-rolls ($33), available in several different strains, are a standout. Five 0.7g joints come in each box, and our favorite so far is Black Jack—which contains 16.72% THC and 1.88% CBD. It’s a hybrid that’s ideal for reducing pain and increasing relaxation, and is equally enjoyable on an outdoor adventure as it is working on an at-home creative endeavor. Plus, for the month of April, the brand is donating 10% of all proceeds to the Trevor Project, which focuses on supporting LGBTQ youth.

Hemp-Infused Olive Oil

Founded by Felicity Chen, Potli is run by a team of women from all over the world. Their hemp-infused cold-pressed olive oil ($32) is genuine EVOO—made when olives are crushed using force, instead of chemicals, heat or other techniques. This oil boasts a naturally peppery taste and the cannabidiol adds to its existing herbaceous and floral flavor. In each 250ml bottle, there’s 250mg hemp-derived, non-psychoactive CBD; more dosage information can be found online.

Bloomrise Sativa Serum

Founded by first-generation American women hailing from France, Egypt and Belize, Meri Lelu is a cannabis-focused beauty brand. Muri and Evie Lelu (who operate the brand under pseudonyms to position the brand as a collective) believe cannabis and skincare go hand in hand. The brand’s Bloomrise Sativa Serum ($135) aims to soothe, reduce inflammation, stave off blemishes, reduce puffiness and balance oils within the skin. Simply apply the serum (which is rich with phytocannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, flavonoids and fatty acids) after cleansing daily.  The blend is free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, synthetic fragrances, colorants and animal-based ingredients.

Justice Joints’ Grease Monkey 1G Pre-Roll

Justice Joints leverages cannabis legalization to benefit those impacted by its prohibition. With the mission to “spark change,” they sell pre-rolled joints (from $9) of varying strains and 100% of the profits go to cannabis social equity and diversity causes: record expungement, sentence release and support for those seeking a restart post-incarceration or conviction of nonviolent cannabis offenses. Grease Monkey, our selected strain, is a hybrid flower measured at 7.78% THC and 0.03% CBD.

Delta-8-Infused Seltzer

With the cannabinoid Delta 8 THC as its active psychotropic component, LOKI enhanced seltzers ($25 for four) offer an alternative to the euphoric stimulation provided by alcohol-based beverages. Federally legal, as the Delta 8 percentage is in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, the seltzers do not contain the more common (and more potent) cannabis compound Delta 9 THC. They’re naturally flavored and feature both lemon and lime notes.

CBD Suppositories

Created by Australian-born, NYC-based Boronia Fallshaw, Mello was founded when Fallshaw suffered from serious professional burnout. With a firm focus on wellness, Mello produces all types of cannabis products—one of the newest being their CBD Suppositories ($60) which can be used before sex (as they increase sensitivity and lubrication), to ease menstrual cramps, pain from IBS or when suffering nausea—and the idea of smoking or eating is off-putting. Each suppository contains a 75mg dose which begins working in just 10 minutes.

Elbow Pipe

Designed by Ninon Choplin of LA-based studio neenineen, the Elbow Pipe harkens back to the brand’s stoneware tobogan pipe, but has been made for Tetra in an exclusive borosilicate glass edition. This delightfully chubby but ergonomic tube pipe ($70), available in transparent blue or pink, offers a window to watch the smoke within. When not in use, it’s pretty enough to be displayed as an objet d’art.

Ah! Calm + Clarity Tincture

Owned by Latinx and Black individuals, CBD brand Xula produces a tincture meant to provide a sense of focus and relaxation all at once. Aptly called Ah! ($78), the blend aids in bodily relaxation through a careful concoction of herbs, hemp, oils and dried flowers. There’s 1000mg of CBD and 150mg of CBG present in the entire bottle, and doses includes 33mg and 5mg of each, respectively. Together, they tackle anxiety and muscle tension, while coconut-derived MCT oil helps with clarity. All of the included ingredients can also be studied in Xula’s ever-growing herbal index, a hub for medicinal research. To use, simply ingest half a dropper one to three times daily.

Flower Rolling Papers

These cheerful, retro-tinged flower-covered rolling papers ($10) from Flower by Edie Parker have been printed with organic soy-based ink on 100% rice paper. The slow-burn papers are super-thin and come in packs of 40. The brand also has unprinted papers for those looking to be a little more discreet with their toking.

“Not One Person” T-Shirt

Online cannabis marketplace Blackbird, which connects local consumers to nearby dispensaries, offers a merch collection called Be Good People. “We recognize the privilege we have in working in the regulated cannabis industry while so many are still locked away as a result of discriminatory laws due to the War on Drugs. As cannabis legalization expands, cannabis prisoners must be released, have their records cleared, and be provided with re-entry programs at the same time cannabis is legalized,” the company writes about Be Good People. The collection comprises two T-shirts and a hat, each with their own slogans—with all profits benefiting the Last Prisoner Project. The “Not One Person” T-shirt ($30), printed on DryBlend 50/50 preshrunk cotton, makes a bold, albeit obvious, statement: “Not one person should be in prison for cannabis.” It’s available in sizes small through XL.

Squeeze Beverage Enhancer

Select strives to produce cannabis products that adhere to compliance requirements in legal states. In order to do so, they hold their sources to the same standards, offer transparency throughout the entire testing process and aim for a consistency that consumers recognize. They began with oils and now offer Squeeze, a 5mg THC per dose “beverage enhancer.” Available in four flavors (lemon lime, watermelon, strawberry lemonade and “hint of sweet”), they can be added to any drink: sparkling or still water, fruit juice or a virgin cocktail. Effects occur in 15 minutes, courtesy of nano-emulsification, and the packaging proves both portable and discreet. (Total volume and pricing varies state to state.)

Hero image courtesy of Stone Road