“B OOKS BROTHERS” Sweatshirt

Silk-printed by hand with “B OOKS BROTHERS” across the front, this sweatshirt from the multi-faceted BOOK/SHOP (founded in 2011 by Erik Heywood) riffs on legacy brand Brooks Brothers. With a classic cut featuring drop shoulders and BOOK/SHOP’s hand-stitched tag on the waistline, this garment is available in green, white or navy.

Best of CH 2020: Good Measure

Moments, movements and the people behind them that inspired us this year

Every year calls for continued contributions to individuals and organizations that need support. This year, COVID-19 taxed people beyond imagination—from illness and isolation, to housing and food insecurity. As the pandemic raged, the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum and unified people around the world who demand an end to systemic racism. Through it all, we shared stories of artists and initiatives that sought to …

Merch From Beloved NYC Book Stores, Tattoo Shops, Museums + More

Proudly represent your favorite spot in New York City

As businesses begin to reopen in NYC, much media and consumer attention hones in on restaurants and bars. There are plenty of places, however, that remain closed, or cannot open to their full capacity, that still need support. While most of these spots sell gift cards and vouchers, merchandise is another way to send dollars in their direction—and represent your favorites wherever you wander. From …