Desire Books Iron-On Patches

Handmade felt accessories embroidered with wisdom, heart and style


If you’re out to customize any of the new clothes, jackets or backpacks you may have received over the holidays, or embellish your older apparel, Desire Books‘ new line of embroidered patches offers clever, charming accent pieces. Each patch in the series is handmade by the team in Manly, Australia (a not-so-distant suburb of Sydney), is easy to iron on and is hand washable. Situated in the center of the crest-like felt, are slogans worth living by; like “dance motherfucker” and “make something.” Other options ruminate on the “dashing and daring” and “amazing and strange.” Each has its own personality and an array of color options.

DesirePatches-1a.jpg DesirePatches-1b.jpg

Desire Books is—first and foremost—a secondhand bookstore stocking literature, fiction, art and children’s books, but it’s also a community. According to Desire’s founder Katy Plummer, “Selling books is not a straightforward assignment in this changing world, but we think that there’s something good and ineffable and important about the cultural idea of a bookshop, so we’re constantly experimenting with other things that The Bookshop might become.” Plummer explains to CH, “Being artists and makers as well as book dealers, we set about making nice stuff to express some of the qualities we found embodied in our favorite customers.” She noted that there’s lots to love in a patch as “it can be an award, a directive, a reminder, a secret handshake, a costume’s prop, a one-liner.” Their patches refer both to things that writers have said, or just sayings “for bookish folk to find and hold hands with each other in the whirling dark.”

Desire Books’ iron-on patches are available online for $15, plus shipping fees.

Images courtesy of Desire Books