Visiting the Nikka Miyagikyo Distillery in Sendai, Japan

A day in the idyllic riverside valley where founder Masataka Taketsuru discovered the pure water he needed to make whisky

Arriving at the long driveway that leads into the Nikka Miyagikyo Distillery, a yellow sign warns of bears and monkeys in the area. As visitors walk along the tree-lined road, the sound of water rushes below, and the path leads to a picturesque pond surrounded by large red brick buildings. A pair of swans swim slowly across the glassy water. A short walk down to …

Bonobo: Kerala

“Kerala” is the first single from Bonobo’s album Migration (set for release January next year) and today, its scary, paranoia-filled video was released. Starring Gemma Arterton and directed by Bison, the video is a little dizzying, but it matches the track which is—in Bonobo style—incredibly atmospheric and layered. Gold star for those who recognized the sample of Brandy’s 1994 track, “Baby.”

In the Heart of Cognac, Hennessy

Exploring the facilities, characteristics and classifications of the centuries-old brand

When was the last time you had cognac? We ask this because, as with many other brown spirits, cognac consumption is on the rise in America. Perhaps it was in a classic cocktail—a Sidecar or a Sazerac or even an Alexander. Maybe one was savoring it neat in a snifter. If not, that’s also understandable; information about cognac does not appear as prevalent as that …