Pinocchio Barrique Bottle

Age your own wine, whiskey and more in this petite, porous barrel


Crafted from oak drawn from FSC-certified forests in Europe, the beautiful Pinocchio Barrique Bottle marries two of the alcohol world’s most valued commodities: wood barrels and glass bottles. Now crowd-funding on Kickstarter, the Barrique Bottle targets the home craft cocktail enthusiast who can easily age and flavor wines and liquids. As with aging at wineries and distilleries, the porous oak lends flavor to whatever happens to be stored within—and with the liquid-to-wood ratio much higher than in a traditional barrel, it happens much faster—in as few as three days. If you make your own wine or whiskey—or simply want to impart a signature touch to something you’ve already purchased—the Pinocchio Barrique Bottle unleashes a new affordable tool in your craft kit.


The process is exceptionally easy. Fill the bottle and allow it to sit undisturbed for 24 hours to stabilize. Then age it for as long as you desire. There’s an accompanying mobile app that offers further guidance and allows for notifications as the days pass. We’ve seen this concept pioneered and meticulously executed before by Joel Paglione, founder of Oak Bottle. However, this is the first time European Oak has been utilized and the bottle produced in Italy.

Support the Pinocchio Barrique Bottle on Kickstarter, where £39 secures a bottle, two stoppers and two customizable labels.

Images courtesy of San Vigilio Ltd.