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Haven's Kitchen

Breakfast Tote


Tucked inside a Haven’s Kitchen Tote Bag are the essentials for a delicious breakfast—ingredients for buckwheat pancakes to be topped with the Amber Syrup from Frontier Maple Sugarworks, plus La Colombe Coffee and …

Cold Brew Bottle


Make your own cold brew at home with Blue Bottle’s handy, foolproof Cold Brew Bottle—all you need is ground coffee beans, water and time. Made in collaboration with Japanese company Hario, the …

Egg Shop: The Cookbook


With 100 recipes for dishes and drinks from beloved NYC cafe Egg Shop, the upcoming cookbook (which is available for pre-order now) is full of yummy treats. Not only does the book …

Olive Leaf Tea


Along with tasting delicious, Steep Echo’s all-natural teas are also healthy. Olive leaf tea contains a super-powerful compound called oleuropein with potency almost double that of green tea extract. Oleuropein boosts the …

Instant Coffee Tubes


Instant coffee gets a bad rap for its sludgy results, but 2015 Finnish Barista Champion Kalle Freese is using it as a way to make specialty coffee more convenient and accessible. Freeze-dried …

Vermont Dark Maple Syrup


Skye Chalmers and Tina Hartell—the duo behind Bobo’s Mountain Sugar—refuse to cut corners when it comes to their Vermont Dark Maple Syrup. Each spring, they harvest sap from roughly 2,500 trees, boiling …

Egg-A-Matic Hard-Boiled Egg Mold


Inject some life—or, rather, a hint of death—into your snack with the Egg-a-Matic skull mold from Fred & Friends. A yoke becomes a delicious, protein-rich brain to scoop out of whites formed …