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Brooklyn-made STAGG Jam + Marmalade

Small-batch, handmade spreads in thoughtful flavors

There’s much more coming out of Brooklyn than art and leather goods. In fact, some of the treats produced there happen to be rather delectable. STAGG jams and marmalades—all small-batch and handmade in Crown Heights—happen be a notable addition. The ingredients are simple and local, and are combined in a very traditional manner involving slow-cooking the whole fruit for up to 12 hours. The jam’s pectin is all natural, the citrus hails from Louisiana (where founder Candice Ross was born), and the resulting flavor is bold and bright. Further, these are for more than toast in the morning and Ross provides recipes on her site that they can be used for.

We got hands-on with five STAGG products. Worth mentioning first, the banana jam defies all expectation, thanks to the use of real vanilla beans. The jam isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, but balances the fruit and vanilla creaminess in an altogether thick profile. When smeared on a slice of bread, it more or less transforms it into banana nut bread. The other four products we tried showcase Ross’ creativity in jam- and marmalade-making. From a Christmas-spice like Seasoned Sorrel jam with bay leaf and clove to a rosemary grapefruit marmalade and a delightfully zesty spicy orange iteration with red pepper and fennel seed, there’s the taste of something familiar and good—but with uncommonly and inspired enhancements.

STAGG jams and marmalades are available online, with prices starting at $10.

Images by Cool Hunting


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