LUME: Edge of My Seat

From Brighton singer/songwriter LUME comes “Edge of My Seat,” a song to follow her 2018 EP titled Tip of Your Thumb. The track pulls from multiple genres—hip-hop sits somewhere inside, pop synths and indie melodies flow throughout. While it’s a breezy tune, it still bears some complexity—and optimism, as she sings of being bound for bright lights.

Silo: The UK’s First No-Waste Restaurant

Plates made from recycled plastic bags, emailed receipts, booze brewed in the basement and more at chef Douglas McMaster's ambitious project

by Ananda Pellerin Chef Douglas McMaster has a vision: he wants to eradicate waste from the commercial food preparation process. This might seem profoundly uninterestingbut its nothing short of revolutionary. Its what I call a pre-industrial food system, McMaster tells CH over an apple and elderflower cider at Silo, his month-old restaurant in Brightons North Lane district. It sounds high-concept but really its about creating …

Bamboo Bay

Brighton, England-based label makes environmentally conscious, "boarding-inspired" clothing and accessories

by Emily Millett Originally from London and Northampton, board sports enthusiasts Ludi Ludlow and Amy Roberts are now proud to count themselves amongst the colorfully diverse residents of Brighton in southern England. This surf-friendly coastal town is known for its environmental conscience and its quickly growing skate and surf communities—so the dynamic duo’s decision to launch their “boarding-inspired” ethical clothing line Bamboo Bay in their …