Step Into Art Duo Semiconductor’s “Recreation” of the Big Bang

At this year’s Brighton Festival, art duo Semiconductor (aka Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) presents “Halo,” a multi-sensory work that immerses visitors in a recreation of the Big Bang. Jarman and Gerhardt transformed data from subatomic particle collisions at Switzerland’s Cern (where they work as artists) into a 360-degree enclosure of 384 vertical wires aswirl with pulsing lights, coupled with industrial sound effects. It’s a …

LUME: Edge of My Seat

From Brighton singer/songwriter LUME comes “Edge of My Seat,” a song to follow her 2018 EP titled Tip of Your Thumb. The track pulls from multiple genres—hip-hop sits somewhere inside, pop synths and indie melodies flow throughout. While it’s a breezy tune, it still bears some complexity—and optimism, as she sings of being bound for bright lights.

Silo: The UK’s First No-Waste Restaurant

Plates made from recycled plastic bags, emailed receipts, booze brewed in the basement and more at chef Douglas McMaster's ambitious project

by Ananda Pellerin Chef Douglas McMaster has a vision: he wants to eradicate waste from the commercial food preparation process. This might seem profoundly uninterestingbut its nothing short of revolutionary. Its what I call a pre-industrial food system, McMaster tells CH over an apple and elderflower cider at Silo, his month-old restaurant in Brightons North Lane district. It sounds high-concept but really its about creating …